Work Is Good For You! How To Talk To Your Clients

Format Type: Video
Profession: All
Time: 60 mins
Topic: Communication, Occupational Rehabilitation

Work Is Good For You!  How To Talk To Your Clients

What if we changed the way we thought about being ‘sick’ and going to work?  What if we started prescribing work as a wellness strategy??



Jo Muirhead

Jo is all about connecting people to purpose  through inspiration and innovation.  She is the Founder, Director and Principal Consultant of Purple Co (, a team of specialist allied health consultants dedicated to helping people who experience injury illness and trauma  reclaim their lives through work. Jo is passionate about the health benefits of work and truly believes that everyone has the right to meaningful and rewarding employment. Purple Co grew out of this belief as a truncated form of PURpose for peoPLE.

Jo and her team also provide a range of career development and coaching services to professionals who are ready to explore change in their career and find the map towards career fulfillment.

Jo is Uber passionate about private practice.  You should see the video on her home page of her website  She loves to empower clinicians to build  profitable and sustainable businesses through doing more of the work they love, the way they love to do it (



Work Is Good For You