Why Value Is Your Business’ Biggest Lever

Format Type: Video
Profession: All
Time: 60 mins
Topic: Business, Marketing

Why Value Is Your Business’ Biggest Lever

One of the most important things an allied health business can do is to create value. After all, value is what causes people to want to buy your services. Value is what makes someone decide to take out their wallet and hand you their money, because they are going to get something they want–something in which they find compelling value. Value isn’t fixed or tangible; it rests in perceived benefit. In other words, value is in the mind of the beholder. This is a key point. Allied health business owners and their staff must work hard to understand exactly what value means to their clients so they can generate and provide it. Join me for a discussion on value, its importance, how it can be generated and how it can transform your business.



Claire Edwards – Founder & Director The Business of Health

Claire Edwards is the Director of the Business of Health and the Founder of the HHB-system used to help your healthcare busines be commercially smart. Claire drives business growth for her clients through her expertise in high quality business research, integrating models of care with contemporary business models, leadership and staff change programs.

​Claire focuses on helping healthcare providers build solid foundations for sustained high level performance and growth so that their clinical expertise can shine through. She understands the current needs of each healthcare business but also designs for the future ensuring what is built will endure. Claire has over 20 years experience working with Clinicians, Practice Managers and healthcare staff. Claire has held many senior roles for the Department of Health and has specialised in rural health service provision. Claire works across the public and private sectors with primary, tertiary and aged care service providers. Claire is a strategist, systems thinker & designer, she combines these skills to provide her clients with unique experiences and outcomes.

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