The Ultimate Guide To Maximising Your NDIS Plan

Format Type: PDF
Profession: All, Occupational Therapy
Time: 45 mins
Topic: Driving, Equipment, Funding

Use this guide to learn more about NDIS planning and how to get the most out of the funding for your clients.  Get more information about the driving assessment process and options available for your clients. Forward this directly to your clients and keep to refer to for your own professional resources.

Help your clients to achieve your driving goals!


Brad Williams – Williams OT 

Occupational Therapy Practice specialising in driver assessment and training for drivers with a medical condition or disability.

Brad opened Williams OT in 2011 after managing the Occupational Therapy driver assessments department at the Repatriation General Hospital from 2008 to 2015. This experience was invaluable and developed his skills in assessment and offered him an opportunity to learn from leading industry experts.

Brad’s first profession was as a Baker. He worked in small bakeries and large kitchens until ultimately the industry risks and hours associated made him chose another career. The background helped him understand hard work and passion, small business, and creative flair.

Brad and his business, Williams OT, are award winners in occupational services and have been featured on Today Tonight. Brad is passionate about creating the best possible outcomes for disabilities to increase their freedom and independence through driving.

Brad Williams is now the director and CEO of a growing company that is taking his original vision of helping drivers with a disability in a more comprehensive manner, and expanding this to be the best driver assessment, rehabilitation and vehicle modification company across Australia for those with a disability who strive for independence.

If you would like to get in contact with Brad or find out more, he can be reached through the following avenues: ph: 0466 592 891 │ email: [email protected]  │ web:  │ fb: