Low Back Pain Bible

Profession: Exercise Physiologist, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy
Time: 30 mins
Topic: Pain

A-Z of Lower Back Pain

If you have found yourself reading this, it is likely that you, or someone close to you or one of your client’s is suffering from low back pain (you may refer to it as back pain, lower back pain, chronic back pain or Sciatica) and you’re not alone.

Musculoskeletal conditions have become the number one national health priority, affecting over 6.9 million Australians. More than half of these musculoskeletal problems are attributed to back pain, or injury. Low back pain is so common that it is predicted up to 85% of us will experience an acute bout of low back pain over our lifetime, with some of these progressing to recurring, or persistent problems.

Sifting through the mountains of online blogs and research studies can be a tall task, so below we have brought together a comprehensive, evidence based guide of all things back pain to help you make sense of it all

The Low Back Pain Bible is Written by Upwell Health Collective Physiotherapist, Michael Stizza



Low Back Pain Bible