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Do you know about the National Assistive Transport Conference?

National Assistive Conference 2019

The assistive transport industry is a network that runs off support and open communication between suppliers, manufacturers, therapists and clients alike. Mobility Engineering recognise this need and are hosting the fifth annual National Assistive Transport Conference in Melbourne, bringing a wealth of information and knowledge to be provided to all industry professionals and interested participants.




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Mobility Engineering specialises in transport adaptation, allowing people to retain their independence and lifestyle. We offer Australia’s widest range of mobility adaptation solutions for vehicles and oversee a nationwide network of partners and installers. We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions for our clients – no matter your ability or strength. We’ll work together to find you the best possible outcome to get you travelling and enjoying the feeling of independence.

Once again, Mobility Engineering is hosting the National Assistive Transport Conference, formerly known as the Australian Vehicle Conversion Conference. There is a quintessential need for cohesion and cooperation within the assistive technologies industry and the NATC brings together an array of experts and professionals who live and breathe transport, safety and education.




The National Assistive Transport Conference is a two-day information seminar for industry professionals and clients alike. It is a way to get informed on the latest vehicle modification solutions and to have access to world class knowledge on these products. Held in the beautiful city of Melbourne, attendees will be able to liaise with the most passionate and studied team of presenters who aim to cover all aspects of the industry throughout the course of the seminar.

This conference has been designed so you can tailor your own experience to your needs, choose from various sessions and make the most of your time there! Sessions will be presented over the course of two days and topics cover a variety of different industry points such as harness safety, tailored driving solutions, certification and testing, tips for small businesses, advanced driving technology and much, much more!



  • Meet and converse with the mist prominent and knowledgeable members of the mobility industry.
  • Get informed of all the latest technology to assist your clients, making you capable of giving them the best recommendations possible.
  • Understand the need and practical implications for assistive technology and the safety standards-guidelines in place when using this technology.
  • Be aware of the best options for an array of different solutions for various disabilities and client situations, no matter what the issue, there is a solution.
  • Be a part of an interactive workshop that gives you hands on experience in using different solutions that could benefit your clients.
  • Learn how to market your small business and apply this knowledge to your practise.
  • Get informed on the legal requirements involved around child restraints and the best solutions for children with any form of transport issue.



Many Occupational Therapists find that their knowledge on product usefulness and availability becomes outdated, as new technologies are always being manufactured; the NATC gives them the chance to get updated and stay on top of the game to best assist their clients. Yearly CPD training is also a significant part of the event. Through the conference, expert speakers will describe the best ways to diagnose issues, prescribe solutions and market your practice in a way that highlights your refined mobility skillset. The main outcome of the conference is giving industry professionals and therapists access to a network of experts who are passionate about safety standards and are available to assist and advise nationwide.


“Our vision is to live in a world with no barriers when it comes to transport and independence – no matter who you are, where you come from, or your level of ability.”



Registrations will be available via the online registration portal where you can select your personalised schedule over the 2 days. Each session will have limited places available. Register early to avoid any disappointment. The full two-day event costs $299 but attendees can also elect to attend just one of the days if they so choose.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see you at the conference!


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