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This month’s LRUB focuses on men’s health.  Had a great time curating the resources for you.  Read up, learn and share with family, friends, colleagues and clients these life enhancing, life saving resources.

Anything you want featured or chased up?  Let us know!  We produce this awesome round up blog at the end of every month..


FATHER’S DAY in Australia is Sunday 1st September! How are you celebrating the male role models in your life this week?


International Men's Health Week 2019 Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

Credit to: Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week is celebrated annually around the world in the middle of June.  The goal is to increase awareness of male health issues on a global level and to encourage inter- and intra-national institutions to develop health policies and services that meet the specific needs of men, boys, and their families- MHN


 Men’s Health Week 2019 was celebrated 10-16 June with the theme of “Keeping Boys And Men Healthy”. It’s about showing the Australian community the state of male health in ALL its forms for a week every June.  Check out the useful MALE HEALTH INFOGRAPHICS including:

  • Men’s Health Facts
  • 7 Health Facts Men Need To Know
  • The Male Guide To Age Specific Health Screening

Find out more about Men’s Health Week


Did you know???


Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

MANDATE Men’s Health Statistics

According to Men’s Health Statistics, five men die every hour from a disease that could have been prevented through early detection.

The leading cause of DEATH for Australian males is heart disease.

More men die from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer.

The rate of suicide for men is 3 1/2 times higher than women.


Show your support for Aussie blokes facing prostate cancer. Be a man of action and fundraise your way for MANDATE. GET INVOLVED



What you need to know about Prostate Cancer?

Prostate Cancer Facts

Credit to Biospace

Facts about prostate cancer

Support groups for people affected by prostate cancer

Caring for someone with prostate cancer

Visit Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia for further information…



Prostate cancer screening position statement

Check out the latest update on prostate cancer screening position statement. Download here


Resources & Innovations


Equipment & Resources for Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

Australia’s Men’s Health Landscape- MR. PERFECT


Latest Version of Men’s Health Landscape of Australia by Terry of MR PERFECT. It includes organisations that work in the areas of physical and mental health. Check out the website links- click here



Men’s Health Australia

Australia’s primary source of information about social and psychological wellbeing of men and boys. They provide news, commentary, articles, links and information about events, services, resources and newsletters covering a wide range of topics and issues of relevance to men and boys.

Australian Men's Shed

Men’s Shed Australia

Have you referred a client lately? Is your information up to date?  Check out their handbooks and fact sheet resources here… 


Mental Health

Grief is an essential human experience. We’ll all experience grief throughout our lives, some of us more than others.  How does grief affect our sleep, and what can you do to sleep better during bereavement? Check out this new uploaded resource from our PD Library–  Tuck Sleep- Guide to sleep & grief


Healthy MaleHealthy Male

Awesome resources and up to date research for Health Professionals – hop over to the website HERE

There is also a series of 13 Clinical Summary Guidelines to assist Health Professionals to work with male client’s effectively… Have a look HERE


Let’s talk about FATHERHOOD


Fatherhood resources Allied Health AustraliaSUPPORT FOR FATHERS website set to launch in the next few weeks!

Relationships Australia Victoria will launch a new website designed to support dads. The new website including resources for young men and fathers, and a Professionals’ Toolkit for professionals who work with fathers and families.

The newly developed resources will inform the delivery of free community information sessions and professional training opportunities around Australia as part of the Support for Fathers Australian Roadshow, starting later this year.   Download the Flyer

The Father Hood book is now out!

The Father Hood book celebrates the growing tribe of hands-on dads who are discovering that fatherhood has been the making of them as men.  The book shines a spotlight on the evolution of the modern dad through a collection of interviews, essays, stats, and insights. With a mix of celebrity interviews – from Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Osher Gunsberg and many more – as well as quotes and stats that capture the rise of the hands-on dad, The Father Hood book is the guide to helping modern dads thrive and survive in the only job that really counts.

More resources and inspirational stories about fatherhood, such as these pearlers –

  • Shield Your Kids From Work Stress
  • This Dad Fought Back Against Post Natal Depression
  • Anger Management: The New Dad Hack To Tame Your Temper

Head over to The Father Hood website !




Supervision Support & Chat database- Listing of a variety of clinical supervisors, mentors, business or life coaches and support networks available for Allied Health professionals.


Tips for Dads

The Fathering ProjectActivities, Tips, and Experiences that helps fathers to be effective father-figure. Regular tips, helping and encouraging fathers to positively engage with their children to improve child development. Activities inspire fathers to become proactive parents.  Experiences recognise how important they are in a child’s life.  Learn more about THE FATHERING PROJECT click here..

10 Things All New Dads Need To Do- click here



Blogs & Influencers


Single Dad Journey

Ben started writing the Single Dad Journey because friends and friends of friends started asking questions about his life as a single parent and how he coped. So… he thought why not open up the conversation about life as a single dad. You can read more from Ben at his blog Single Dad Journey that inspires you to explore who you are as a person, as a dad, or mum or carer or whoever you are and how you deal with the single parent life.

The Best Men’s Health Blogs of 2019

There’s too much information, not enough time in the day, and a lot of advice that may not suit your lifestyle. Finding what works best for you…


Self Care

Men's Health by Exercise Right

Men’s Health by Exercise Right

Research shows that extra kilos mean a shorter life for men. It’s time to start turning back the clock and here are some tips!



If you’ve been skipping out on skincare, it’s time to talk.

Minimalist tips for any man looking to invest in SELF-CARE.  Check out the three most important steps he highlights, ones that men usually skimp on.



Event Calendar

2019 AAPM National Conference Allied Health Support Services Event Calendar

2019 AAPM National Conference


2019 AAPM National Conference and AAPM’s 40th Anniversary!

On 01 October – Friday 04 October 2019 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, join us as we host another exciting conference and celebrate with us as we acknowledge 40 years of the Australian Association of Practice Management.

The conference will once again be filled with a range of dynamic and inspirational speakers, workshops and its social events.  Click here to find out more…


2019 Australian Allied Health Awards

Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

2019 AAHA powered by Dimple


Only 3 weeks until the 2019 winners will be announced, live in Melbourne!

With 84 finalists across 17 categories, this is a true celebration of the amazing Allied Health professionals we have in Australia.

With 80% of tickets sold, don’t miss out. Hop on the Australian Allied Health Awards website and grab your tickets today! 


Healthy Men at Work

This training program will cover the major social health issues affecting men today, provide a model for working with men and provide training in specific presentation skills and methods that appeal to a male audience. The training will be held on 4 October at Holiday Inn Parramatta. Grab your EARLY BIRD ticket by 30 August.


Australian Men’s Health Forum – 

Manhood Men’s Gathering – November 8-10th 2019  Men's Health Forum


Improving Men’s Health in Europe: Webinar on the WHO Men’s Health Strategy

20th Asia Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference 2019



Check out these great links, services and resources and let us know how we can help you!

Until next month – Women’s Health  FEATURE in our ROUND UP BLOG, let’s support each other! #alliedhealthprofessionsrule


Sarena Jones

Director @ Allied Health Support Services

[email protected]




Allied Health Link Round Up Blog


This month’s round up blog focuses on Preventive Health.  Read up and learn the latest not only for our clients and patients but also for our own health.


Allied Health Support Services Link Round Up Blog

7 things you never knew about animal-assisted therapy

There are so many misconceptions around animal-assisted therapy, that it sometimes gets in the way of people accessing it as clients and training in it as clinicians. As the director of an animal-assisted therapy practice, and a passionate advocate of this type of work, these are the 7 questions and comments I hear most often about AAT.


National Assistive Conference 2019

National Assistive Conference 2019

Do you know about National Assistive Conference? Check out this blog…


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